White Knuckles

By: Autumn Jones Lake


First, thank you to my readers. Your love of my characters, continued support, and eagerness for each new book continues to amaze, humble and inspire me. Thank you.

My critique partners, Cara Connelly, Kari W. Cole, and Virginia Frost, I don’t think you were able to see a lot of White Knuckles—here it is! Be kind.

Thank you to Cara and K.A. Mitchell for helping me nail the blurb!

Clarisse, Elizabeth, Amanda, Tamra, Shelly, Angi J., Iveta, and Robin thank you for sticking with me for another Wrath and Trinity book!

Belinda, thank you for jumping on board and giving me your early assessment of White Knuckles!

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Vanessa Bridges, thank you for everything.

Becky, I’m so happy you finally know my deep, dark secret and I’m thrilled you love the Lost Kings too!

Iza, aka Mistress Ramsey, thank you for always cheering me on and being such a calming, positive force of nature.

My Lost Kings MC Ladies Facebook group, thank you so much for being there. There are now over 1,000 of you and it blows my mind. Thank you for loving the Lost Kings so much. Your questions and theories fuel me and your demand for the next book keeps me motivated. And of course the hot man pics Sammi provides every Wednesday are pretty awesome too! Thanks, ladies!

Mr. Lake—my own personal demon-slayer and biggest fan. I’d be lost without you.

If you’ve found the one whose demons play nice with yours, then this is for you.


I’ve only made a few changes to this glossary since publishing More Than Miles…but you may find some interesting information here.

The Lost Kings MC Organizational Structure

President: Rochlan “Rock” North. Leader of the Upstate NY charter of the Lost Kings MC. His word is law within the club. He takes advice from senior club members. He is the public “face” of the MC. Much to his annoyance, Rock is seen as the “father figure” in the club, especially by the younger members.

Sergeant-at-Arms: Wyatt “Wrath” Ramsey. Responsible for the security of the club. Keeps order at club events. Responsible for the safety and protection of the president, the club, its members and its women. Disciplines club members who violate the rules. Keeps track of club by-laws. In charge of the club’s weapons and weapons training. Will challenge Rock when he deems it necessary. Outside of the MC, Wrath owns a gym, Furious Fitness. He is experienced in underground MMA-style fighting.

Vice President: Angus “Zero” or “Z” Frazier. In most clubs, I think the VP would be considered the second-in-command. In mine, I see the VP and SAA as being on equal footing within the club. Carries out the orders of the President. Communicates with other chapters of the club. Assumes the responsibilities of the President in his absence. Keeps records of club patches and colors issued. Z also co-manages the MC’s strip club, Crystal Ball.

Treasurer: Marcel “Teller” Whelan. Keeps records of income, expenses and investments.

Road Captain: Blake “Murphy” O’Callaghan. Responsible for researching, planning and organizing club runs. Responsible for obtaining and maintaining club vehicles.

Prospect: A prospect is someone who has stated a clear intention of being a full patch member of the Lost Kings MC. The Lost Kings vet their prospects for two or more years. To vote a prospect in as a full patch member, the vote must be unanimous. Not all prospects will become full patch members. Some will realize the club is not for them. For others, the club will realize that the prospect is not a good fit for the club. Prospects are expected to show respect to all full patch members and do whatever is asked of them.

The Lost Kings MC currently has one prospect that we know of, Twitch, who was brought into the club by Wrath.

Other members

Cronin “Sparky” Petek: Sparky is the mad genius behind the Lost Kings MC’s pot-growing business. He is rarely seen outside of the basement, as he prefers the company of his plants.

Elias “Bricks” Serrano: We saw Bricks and his girlfriend Winter in Slow Burn, Corrupting Cinderella, and Tattered on my Sleeve. One of the few members who does not live at the clubhouse, he performs a lot of general tasks for the club.