Witch Me (Blood Chord Book 3)

By: Alex Owens

Blood Chord Series – Book 3

Book Description:

Death may come softly, but her fangs be sharp.

They say no good can ever come with digging up the past. Well, those bastards were right and Claire is finding it out the hard way. With the lives of everyone she loves hanging in the balance, Claire must bring her A-game, or lose one of them forever.

Her daughter, ex-husband, best friend, or one of her lovers; which one will it be? Even using both her magical gifts and vampire abilities, saving most of them is a long shot. But there’s no way that Claire can save them all...

Witch Me (Blood Chord #3), by Alex Owens, is the final book her sexy adult paranormal suspense series. Be forewarned, this is not your daughter's paranormal.

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Chapter One

Death may come softly, but her fangs be sharp.

I was minutes away from murdering a man, but the anticipation was positively slaying me. My skin vibrated with electricity, my feet wouldn’t stop moving, and I was licking my lips more often than Dave Chappell impersonating a crack head.

Don’t get me wrong—this twisted bastard definitely deserved it. Humanity would be better off without him, but I didn’t want to think about the ethics involved. I wanted to watch the terror pass through his eyes when he realized what a pickle he’d gotten himself in. I wanted to see the panic, the shock and of course, the blood. I wanted that most of all; it had been too terribly long.

All that I needed now was my soon-to-be victim to walk out the back door like he did every night about this time. Instead, I got a phone call. I pulled my phone from my back pocket and eyed the caller I.D. It was Clive.

“Calling to wish me good luck?” I said quietly into my phone, keeping an eye on the door.

“So you’re doing it tonight then?” he sighed, the screen on my phone showing a tired looking Clive.

It was no secret that he worried about me. He was hundreds of miles away and that left him feeling powerless. That, and the concept of a lone vamp hunting was one he’d left behind eons ago. One of the perks of being a Vamp Politico was that they preferred to hunt in small groups, so the inherent safety in number came into play.

I had no such luxury. As far as I knew, there wasn’t another vamp around for a hundred miles. At least none that I knew of. I’d have to ask Clive when I wasn’t pretending to be irritated at him.

“Gosh, all the cool kids are doing it. I’ll be fine. Why don’t you trust me?” I did my best bratty-teen impression, complete with stuck-out tongue, and that got a half-laugh out of him.

“Point taken. It’s just... I keep forgetting how young you are, relatively speaking, and then I remember that up here we don’t let the newly-dead hunt alone for the first years. So much can go wrong,” he ran his fingers back through his hair in exasperation.

When he got like that, all serious and caring, I mentally panicked. We didn’t have that kind of relationship. At least, I didn’t think we did. But when he said things like that I had to wonder if we were on the same page with our relationship. I made a mental note not to think about any of that anytime soon. I’d pencil that in for the twenty-second of never.

“I’m not sure how to respond to that. Thanks? Sorry?” My focus was trained on the back door of the pizzeria. Screwing the mission up was not an option, even for Clive.

“Just be careful.” He said quietly. “Nothing’s worth risking your life over.”

“I disagree. There are a lot of things I’d risk my life over, but none of them have anything to do with tonight. I’m hungry, so very hungry, and this shit-bucket can’t be allowed to live one more night on this earth. I’ll be doing humanity a favor. It’s a win-win.” I argued.

“Fine, I can see that you won’t be dissuaded...” he started.

With my super-fine hearing, I picked up the fall of the tumblers as the handle on the back door turned. “I’ve got to go, he’s coming out now.” I whispered into my phone.

“No, don’t hang up. Let me watch?” Clive, looking rather sheepish on the screen. “I don’t get to see much action from high upon my throne these days. Let me live vicariously through you. Pretty please?”