With Every Piece of You

By: Tamara Lynn

For my wife.

Thanks for nagging me to write.

Love you!

This book is also dedicated to my amazing readers.

Like Colleen and her adorable puppy, Indy.

Chapter 1

With the taste of metal and dirt in her mouth, Lauren woke on the rough steel floor of a truck. She looked around trying to figure out where she was and how she got there. The last thing she remembered was passing out on the floor of a gas station. Giancarlo had found her.

How long have I been out? Julia. Crap. I have to let her know what happened.

Lauren searched the back of the truck, checking for her belongings and hoping to find her phone. But there was nothing. Just her, in handcuffs, and a floor full of dirt.

Rays of sunshine streamed through steel grates on the windows signaling that the night had passed and it was now day. She tried to get on her knees and look out a window but the truck had weak suspension and she found herself struggling to even sit up. Maybe she was back home in Michigan. The roads there are comprised entirely of potholes.

Lauren’s arms were restrained in front of her by a pair of rusty handcuffs. Not only was this making it harder for her to maneuver, but it was also extremely painful. Nothing compared to the pain below her knees though. Her bad ankle was swollen and bruised. Her feet were raw and full of open cuts that were now collecting sand from the floor.

It did not take her long to realize that she wasn’t in Michigan. The air inside the back of the truck was far too hot for that. She was beyond uncomfortable. Carefully, Lauren pulled herself onto one of the metal benches that were welded to the walls. She was able to sit there for about thirty seconds before the truck hit a bump and tossed her back on the floor. She didn’t have the energy for this right now. Her body was tired and weak. Lauren gave up and let herself fall back asleep.


Julia started the morning feeling like the world was a drastically different place. She now questioned everything touch, every kiss, every word that she and Lauren shared. Strangely though, she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was still in love with Lauren.

Wanting answers, and at the very least a chance to confront the lies, Julia called Lauren. There was no answer, only voicemail.

Julia wrapped a strand of her golden blonde hair around her forefinger and rested her head against the bedframe. I don’t know what to do. I’m so angry. I have so many questions.

“Hello?” Amanda’s voice echoed through the house, jarring Julia from her thoughts.

“In here,” Julia yelled as she reached for a robe. She completely forgot that she’d invited Amanda over to see the farm.

Amanda peeked her head into the bedroom. “Why didn’t you answer the door?”

“Honestly, I didn’t hear your knocking,” Julia stepped into her walk-in closet. “I was lost in my thoughts.

“About?” Amanda asked.

“Lauren,” Julia replied. “I’ll explain in a few. Let me get dressed first.”


The truck came to a hard stop, waking Lauren. She sat up to see the doors to the back open and was relieved to see it was Johnny at the back of the truck.

“Johnny,” she could barely speak.

“I know, Chica, I know,” he said as he climbed into the back of the truck.

“I thought you had a heart attack?” Lauren’s concern for him trumped hers at that moment.

He laughed, “No, I faked that. I overheard what was going on with you, and I wanted to distract Giancarlo so that you could figure something out. You know, work out an excuse or something. I didn’t expect you to run.”

Johnny reached into the truck and helped her get on her feet.

“It’s bad this time, isn’t it?” she asked.

Johnny nodded, “You got yourself into a lot of trouble.”

“Help me escape?” Lauren looked up at him.

“I can’t, Lauren. They have too much on me. I have to take care of my family.” Johnny bent down and picked her up. He carried her out into a field by the road.

“You need to go to the bathroom,” he explained. “We have another 12 hours of travel to go, and we won’t be stopping much.”

Lauren did have to pee. She hobbled over to a bush and squatted behind it. The whole process was difficult because of the handcuffs and the tattered gown she was wearing.