Worth the Risk (Pine Valley Book 1)(68)

By: Heather B. Moore

“I didn’t either,” he said, “but I feel like I’ve been waiting a long time. And even if you want to wait, I’m okay with that too. I’ll wait as long as you need. Just don’t make it ten years.”

Alicia’s heart thumped like mad as she looked into his eyes. She felt like she was in a dream, a good dream, a very good dream. Jeff was the only man she wanted to be with, to marry, to spend the rest of her life with. Would another month make a difference? Would a year change her mind? She knew it wouldn’t.

She exhaled. “I don’t want to wait either.”

Jeff whooped and pulled her into his arms, squeezing her tight.

Alicia laughed. “I can’t breathe.”

He released her just enough to kiss her hard. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you, too,” she whispered against his mouth. They tumbled onto the blanket together, a tangle of arms and legs as Jeff continued to kiss her.

Alicia couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than kissing her fiancé. She pulled him closer, breathing in this man who had become her whole world. She ran her fingers over his shoulder then down his arm, stopping at his hand resting on her waist. “What did you do with the ring?” she asked.

He lifted his head. “What?”

“Where’s the ring?”

He disentangled himself from her and sat up. “Oh, no.”

She sat up, too, and they started to search the blanket and the food containers. Then she saw something sparkling in the grass a couple of feet away. She reached over and picked it up.

“Found it,” she said.

Jeff moved next to her. “Maybe we should put it on where it belongs.”

She smirked and held out her hand so he could slide the ring on her finger. It was beautiful and actually fit. Jeff brought her hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss on her ring finger. “That’s better.”

“When did you plan all of this?” she asked.

“About twelve years ago,” he said. “I always thought if I was going to marry you, I’d ask you in your backyard.”

She stared at him. “Twelve years?”

He grinned as he cleaned up the remains of the food. When he had it all shoved back into the bag, he stood and held out his hand. “It took me longer than I thought to work up the courage.”

Alicia put her hand in his and let him pull her to her feet. “I’m glad you finally did.”

His arms slid around her waist. “I’m a lucky man, and I’m glad you decided I was worth the risk.”

Alicia settled her hands on his shoulders. Then she kissed him, knowing in her heart that he would always be worth the risk. When she drew away, she said, “We probably shouldn’t wait to tell our families this news.”

“Probably not,” Jeff said. “The sooner we tell them, the sooner we can make wedding plans. And then you can finally be my roommate.”

She laughed. “That sounds good to me.” They walked into her childhood home together, and Alicia knew she was finally ready to say goodbye to her old life and start a new one with Jeff.

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