You're the Rogue That I Want(85)

By: Samantha Holt

Her beaming smile made his heart warm. Perhaps the stone had not been cursed after all. All the trials it had put them through had brought them to this point. One day he would visit the damned thing again and thank it.

He led her back to the entrance hall. His brother was shaking off his hat and a woman stood behind him. Red recognized her as Miss Gray, the daughter of a local gentleman.

“Nate, you remember Miss St. John?”

“Ah.” His brother dipped his head, rain droplets spilling from the shoulders of his greatcoat onto the marble floor. “I do indeed. Whatever are you doing back in Cornwall?”

Hannah glanced at Red.

“Hannah has just this moment agreed to marry me.”

Nate laughed and took Miss Gray’s hand. “What a coincidence. So has Patience.”

The End